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Re: Waiting for Randot (or: nia and maya were right and I was wrong)

>> Can we create a random stream for all such situations instead of a
>> file?  Say open a TCP/IP connection to some NetBSD server that spits
>> out a X number of random bytes by its random generator and then
>> closes the stream?
> You want this to happen on the *local* network.

Ideally, sure.  But is it better to have potentially snooped randomness
or no randomness?

That's a serious question.  I could argue it either way myself, though
in my opinion it largely depends on the purposes the resulting system
is going to be put to.

But that's equally true of requiring strong randomness at all; if I
didn't think it were utterly futile, I'd be asking for allowance to be
made for systems that don't need randomness.  (But then, I'd also be
asking for various other things that NetBSD has recently gone in
diametrically opposed directions to.)

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