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Re: inetd enhancements - config syntax

>> inetd.conf already supports per-service overriding of the
>> listen-addr.  According to cvsweb, this went in 1996-12-30 (inetd.8
>> rev 1.8, inetd.c rev 1.16).
> Itâ??s true that inetd currently supports specification of the
> listen-addr, however, the way it currently functions is that when
> [listen-addr:] is used, it changes the default listening address for
> all services in the remainder of the conf file, or until it is
> changed again (meaning that if you only want to set a specific
> address for one service, you will need to use [listen-addr:] twice,
> once to change the listening address, and again to change it back).

That should be true only if you specify a listening address with no
command.  If it works that way when a command is given on the same
line, that's a bug that needs fixing.  (I feel moderately authoritative
on this matter since I'm the person who added the code back in 1996.)

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