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vndconfig vs mount_cd9660


I wanted to mount an ISO image (on 9.99.77/amd64), so I did, following the guide:

# vnconfig -c vnd0 file.iso
# mount -t cd9660 /dev/vnd0a /mnt
mount_cd9660: /dev/vnd0a on /mnt: Invalid argument
# mount -t cd9660 /dev/vnd0d /mnt
mount_cd9660: /dev/vnd0d on /mnt: Invalid argument

but that didn't work, nor did using vnd0d.

The disklabel looks unpromising.

4 partitions:
#        size    offset     fstype [fsize bsize cpg/sgs]
 a:  16868776         0     4.2BSD      0     0     0  # (Cyl.      0 -   8236*)
 d:  16868776         0     unused      0     0        # (Cyl.      0 -   8236*)
disklabel: boot block size 0
disklabel: super block size 0

/var/log/messages did not contain anything useful.

I could open the same image under OS X without problems.

Does vnconfig + mount_cd9960 work for anyone else? Am I doing something wrong?

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