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Possibly out of sync/broken openssl code

Hi community,

While trying to fix UBSan Undefined behavior reports for md4_dgst.c and
rmd_dgst.c files which reported issues for the overflow of signed ints etc,
I came across a possible out of sync tree of openssl crypto implementations.

The UBSan report required usage of unsigned int(or long) for MD32_REG_T
type and upon checking the upstream openssl/openssl, it seemed to be using
the correct data type that would not throw that particular error. Upon
tracing the changes in NetBSD openssl code, I found that there was a commit
that made changes to the openssl version imported from upstream in 2009.
The commits are:
1.) Original codebase ==>
2.) Changes made ==>

The 2nd commit listed above made changes to the original codebase in such a
way that it changed MD32_REG_T to uint32_t and diverged from the upstream.
But later MD32_REG_T has been changed to int or long and has become out of
sync with the upstream implementation. These changes not only affect the
files mentioned earlier but also affect a lot of the files.

I would request someone to look into the matter and try to sync the
implementation and our local modifications to the upstream.

Thank You
Nisarg S. Joshi

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