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Re: cgdconfig verification method failure

In article <>,
rudolf  <> wrote:
>rudolf wrote:
>> (observed under netbsd-8, attached is an untested (but trivial) patch 
>> for current)
>Attached is a tested and corrected version of the patch (differences to 
>previous: 1. missing brackets, 2. ignore stderr of rump.cgdconfig in the 
>> cgdconfig(8) currently (and under netbsd-8) behaves inconsistently 
>> regarding the verification method failure: if the verification method is 
>> "ffs" or "disklabel", then on a password mismatch it prompts for the 
>> passphrase again ("cgdconfig: verification failed, please reenter 
>> passphrase"). In case of verification methods "mbr" and "gpt", verify() 
>> returns -1 and thus cgdconfig(8) exits. This seems like a bug to me and 
>> should be fixed by the second and the third hunk of the diff to 
>> cgdconfig.c from the attached patch.
>> cgdconfig(8) also upon an exit due to the verification method failure 
>> leaves the cgd device configured (although correctly exiting with a 
>> non-zero exit status). This seems also like a bug to me (or an 

Something is missing. Can you please send-pr it.


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