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Re: colorls in base

On 20.02.2019 03:49, Thor Lancelot Simon wrote:
> Use abstract properties for highlighting syntax all you like -- bold,
> reverse video, italic, underline, heck, make the text blink if you
> have to.  Modern terminals let users map those to colors if they
> choose anyway.

Decoration and even audible bell if possible or screen blinks (or
anything that can be handled by terminals) have been mentioned as a part
of property of printing text. For simplicity reason we just call all the
properties as 'colors' and probably all mentioned in the thread OSes use
environment variables with COLOR in the name.

> But please, don't pick some colors that look nice on *your* terminal
> and inflict them on everyone else.

Once again, nobody proposed to enable this by default on or even propose
specific theme to be hardcoded in the system. This thread is about
adding a possibility to use this property at all so users can tune it
for their needs (or ignore).

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