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Re: OpenSSL vs. getauxval()

In article <>,
Martin Husemann  <> wrote:
>Hey folks,
>openssl on arm uses a weak symbol reference to "getauxval", and if the
>symbol is available, calls it to get hardware information about the
>current cpu.
>We never make this kind of hardware information availble via flags in the
>exec auxval vector, but use sysctl instead. We also do not provide a getauxval
>So far all fine.
>However, openssl is a library and should not assume special meaning for 
>unprotected symbols. Some third party apss come with a local getauxval
>implementation and confuse things.
>I wonder if we should just disable the getauxval code path on NetBSD (and
>maybe as a future extension even provide the proper sysctl code to get the
>hw capabilities via sysctl)?

That's fine.


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