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Re: rc.subr: unset _rc_pid (fixes network after acpi S3 wakeup)

Christos Zoulas wrote:
In article <>, rudolf  <> wrote:
One way to avoid this is to unset the
variables exported by /etc/rc and /etc/rc.subr before running rc.d commands.

--- etc/rc.subr.orig	2017-03-19 15:04:05.000000000 +0100
+++ etc/rc.subr	2017-03-19 15:15:36.000000000 +0100
@@ -663,18 +663,22 @@
					# setup the command to run, and run it
			echo "Starting ${name}."
+			exported_rc_vars="RC_PID _rc_pid \
+_rc_original_stdout_fd _rc_original_stderr_fd _rc_postprocessor_fd"
			if [ -n "$_chroot" ]; then
-				_doit="\
+				_doit="(\
+unset $exported_rc_vars; \
${_env:+env $_env }\
${_nice:+nice -n $_nice }\
chroot ${_user:+-u $_user }${_group:+-g $_group }${_groups:+-G $_groups }\
-$_chroot $command $rc_flags $command_args"
+$_chroot $command $rc_flags $command_args)"
-				_doit="\
+				_doit="(\
+unset $exported_rc_vars; \
${_chdir:+cd $_chdir; }\
${_env:+env $_env }\
${_nice:+nice -n $_nice }\
-$command $rc_flags $command_args"
+$command $rc_flags $command_args)"
				if [ -n "$_user" ]; then
				    _doit="su -m $_user -c 'sh -c \"$_doit\"'"

- why kill those only for 'start'? I guess it is only important for start,
- I don't think think that the parens are needed; after all the cd command
   is separate.

If i read it right, the _doit string is being evaled in the current shell. I wanted the change to have minimal impact so i've added the parens to unset the vars in a subshell to not affect the current shell and rc functions that may by launched after the run_rc_command().

The same reason (minimal impact of the change) was for unsetting the vars only for 'start' and that is indeed quite arbitrary, but now when i read the other "case" branches, it seems to me that only in the 'start' it has any sense. Or do you think it is useful for the "eval $_postcmd" too?

In netbsd-7 version of rc.d scripts, there are only two exaples, where a rc.d script runs the run_rc_command() function more then one time (and (thus) it's also not the last statement in the script): sshd, nfslocking. Only nfslocking may launch both it's run_rc_command()s with the 'start' argument.

- Why not append those to $_env as "RC_PID= _rc_pid=" ...

I've considered it, this way the subshell is not needed, but I still didn't like the presence of the (blank) variables in env. Just aesthetics? :-)

@@ -818,6 +822,7 @@
	[ -n "${_rc_postprocessor_fd}" ] || { unset _rc_pid; return 1; }
	eval ": >&${_rc_postprocessor_fd}" 2>/dev/null \
	|| { unset _rc_pid; return 1; }
+	fdflags -s +cloexec "${_rc_postprocessor_fd}"

I think this belongs to rc, where the fd is created and I've committed
the fdflags line there.

Now i see. Thanks!

Kind regards,


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