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sbin/gpt usage


while trying to understand why gpt(8) didn't work under Linux, I
discovered that it accepts two different usages:

gpt <device> <options> <command> <options>
gpt <options> <command> <options> <device>

The latter being the one documented in the manpage for ~ever. However,
in the code, the decision to use it is conditioned by the name of the
program being exactly "gpt". As this is not the case when built as a
host tool by ("nbgpt"), the new UEFI makefiles use the former
syntax, and are probably broken if run in a environment.

I plan to remove support for the apparently never documented former
syntax and update the UEFI makefile's accordingly, unless someone
remembers why it should remain and on which condition it should be
enabled: the default should be the documented syntax.


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