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Re: Adding ftp to master.passwd and group

Hi Martin

On 26/01/2017 00:12, Martin Neitzel wrote:
  *  We ship a FTP server in the base system.
  *  We supply /var/spool/ftp as a recommened skeletion for anon FTP.
  *  We DO NOT supply a ftp user in master.passwd (or group).

Is there a reason for this? Surely we just need to supply a FTP user to
complete the easy setup of anon FTP server. Any objections to me adding

Since decades, "enabling ftpd" in /etc/inetd.conf means "enabling
it for real users only".   Enabling anonymous ftp is an additional,
simple, well-documented step which needs to be consciously done
by the admin.

I like it this way, i.e. I object to enabling "real-user ftp" and
"anon ftp" at the same time out of the box.

That's a fair observation - and I deliberately didn't mention this so I could hopefully trigger a reaction!

As we don't ship a ftp user, why do we ship a very basic skeletion of a classical ftp directory in /var/spool/ftp?

IMHO we should either punt the directory from the base install OR add an entry to master.passwd for the ftp user ... but maybe commented out to maintain the status-quo (does master.passwd supprt this?)?


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