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Re: Per thread locales

MH> Strangely Posix requires uselocale() and friends to be in <locale.h>,
MH> while FreeBSD documents them to come from <xlocale.h> - which does not
MH> exist in Posix.

I guess that's because uselocale() is a recent (2008) addition with SUSv4:

	"The duplocale(), freelocale(), newlocale(), and
	uselocale() functions are added from The Open Group
	Technical Standard, 2006, Extended API Set Part 4."

IEEE Std 1003.1-2001
aka "Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6"
aka "Single UNIX Specification, Version 3":

	- setlocale()
	- localeconv()

IEEE Std 1003.1â?¢-2008
aka "Open Group Base Specifications Issue 7"
aka "Single UNIX Specification, Version 4":

	- setlocale()
	- localeconv()
	- newlocale()
	- duplocale()
	- uselocale()
	- freelocale()

						Martin Neitzel

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