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Re: curses vs non-ASCII

> I found the documentation provided by the Open Group had a better
> overview, which I found here: [...]

I may have a look, but...

> The document above says that if the environment variable contains a
> '/', it should be a pathname to a locale file so you should be able
> to use a custom one rather easily.

This does not actually work.  When I set the $LC_CTYPE to
$HOME/.locale, it does not work, and ktrace reveals that the process
does not even attempt to look there (in constrast to $LC_CTYPE being
set to en_CA.ISO8859-1, which ktrace shows leads to an attempt to open


> The web page I listed above describes the input to localedef(1),
> which I think is what you want.

There is no localedef here.  Once I had the setlocale() hint to get it
to read the environment, ktrace showed me the existence of
/usr/share/locale, as sketched above; this led me to
/usr/src/share/locale.  It appears the system build uses mklocale,
whose manpage's BUGS section includes the statement "We should switch
to localedef and its file format, which is more standard.".

So it would appear that what I'm dealing with is not all that close to
the Open Group doc you found.

After poking around /usr/src/share/locale, I think I've constructed a
custom locale (just a duplicate of en_CA.ISO8859-1 with a different
charset, one with 0x80-0x9f marked as PRINT); I'm trying to build a
system with that in it.  I'll see how it goes.

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