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Re: new code / small geolocalisation service

David CARLIER <> writes:

> I wanted to submit a modest new unix socket service which serves
> geolocalisation data per ip addresses request. This service is api
> agnostic (but only shipped with geoip for the moment so if it gets
> enough attraction, ip2location for example might be added as
> well). For last, a control command line is provided to connect with
> the service by command line. Hope it will get some attention.

For new functionality, a key question is if it belongs in the base
system or in pkgsrc.  Generally, there is a high bar for base in terms
of being useful to many, since the maintenance cost and increased size
of the codebase is borne by all.   Another consideration is portability;
pkgsrc can wrap portable programs for multiple operating systems, vs
something specifically for NetBSD.  Another is that base system
components cannot depend on things not in the base.

It looks like what you've done is provided an import of geoip, plus the
daemon.  GeoIP is already in pkgsrc.  So what's really new is the
daemon, and that seems like it is or could be portable.   I wonder if
you have considered releasing the daemon and whatever's necessary to
access it (how to use the daemon was not immediately apparentl from a
quick skim of man pages) as a package, which could then be put into

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