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Re: FreeBSD/NetBSD makefs sync

On Oct 21,  9:14am, (Ed Maste) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: FreeBSD/NetBSD makefs sync

| Ok. We added -D in r247041 to treat duplicates as warnings instead of
| errors for mtree specs. It keeps the first, not last, entry. We use it
| to work around issues in our install infrastructure where the same
| file gets installed more than once, so it doesn't matter for this use
| which entry is kept. I can see how -r is useful, but -D without -r has
| a distinct use case so I imagine we'll keep it even after bringing -r
| over.

Yes, we had a few of those too :-). I am fine bringing -D in...

| The switch to -R and man page clean up is in review now at
| if you'd like to take a look and/or
| bring into NetBSD.
| >>[1]
| >>[2]


| It's a bit tricky because at least one other developer is working
| through outstanding PRs and Coverity reports against makefs and fixing
| issues now, and it will be some time still before anyone will have a
| chance to go through our history to find changes that aren't in
| NetBSD.  Perhaps we can at least send you the new changes as we work
| through them so there's only a gap in the middle to investigate later.

Sure, just send them over.

| What's the most convenient way to get these changes to you? You could
| subscribe to the PRs or subscribe (in Phabricator) to commits to
| usr.sbin/makefs in our tree. Or we could send a list of the commits
| once this current round of work is done. I think there's somewhere
| around 10 issues reported in PRs from Coverity.
| One example committed yesterday:
| > Free buffer before returning from cd9660_write_path_table to avoid
| > leaking it after returning from the function
| I haven't checked if this one is already fixed in NetBSD, but a number
| of open PRs have confirmation that the issue exists in both places.

It probably is not fixed... I think that the best way is send me patches
via e-mail or send-pr and I will apply them.


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