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Re: hangup in close(2) after posix_openpt(3)

joerg@ wrote:

> On Sat, Oct 17, 2015 at 03:23:44PM +0900, Izumi Tsutsui wrote:
> > I notice we can avoid the hangup in lwp_park() after exit(3)
> > by calling _exit(2) instead exit(3) in the parent canuum,
> > so I'll put it as a kludge for now.
> Be careful, that bypasses all atexit handler. The reason why it might
> work is that this includes the fflush of stdin and stdout.

Do you have any idea about "hangup in lwp_park() after exit(3)"?
Is it a bug, or expected behavior?

Currently the hangup in lwp_park() (which can be killed only by kill -9)
is much annoying than _exit(2) kludge.

Izumi Tsutsui

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