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Re: hangup in close(2) after posix_openpt(3)

On Wed, Oct 14, 2015 at 10:30:10PM +0300, Andreas Gustafsson wrote:
 > > That seems like a bug of sorts, but I think it's a symptom of PR
 > > 17171; the problem is not closing the slave per se but that there's
 > > unread data on the master end. See that PR for a more comprehensive
 > > explanation (and arguably clearer test case) that I posted some time
 > > back.
 > There's also PR 12534 for the case where the terminal is a tty rather
 > than a pty.  I have already committed a fix to -current which will let
 > the process exit after a five second timeout.  Maybe I should request
 > a pullup to -7?
 > Clearly, I also need to update the PRs...

I was about to say that's probably a different problem, except that
after looking at it again I bet it's actually not. If your fix fixes
17171, please close 17171 and add a note referring to 12534.

David A. Holland

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