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Re: rpcgen(1), issues with System XVI

On Sep 20,  5:12pm, (Kamil Rytarowski) wrote:
-- Subject: Re: rpcgen(1), issues with System XVI

| I didn't want to be better the the rest of this file, eg:
|         res = alloc(strlen(file) + strlen(ext) + 1);
|         if (res == NULL) {
|                 errx(1, "Out of memory");
|         }
| Where rpc_util.h contains:
| #define alloc(size)		((char *)malloc((size_t)(size)))
| However there are places when we check for it and use EXIT_FAILURE.
| I rediffed the patch. I also changed the parsing logic for the file
| extension - stop at the final dot and leave the rest as it is, since
| it will be truncated later.

Just commit it and we'll make it better later.


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