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Re: (b)make: selecting every other element from a list

>> Is there some reason for not doing that using iteration?
> 1. This can be greatly simplified by iterating over pairs.

True.  While I rarely do it in make, in sh I comparatively often do
this by gluing the elements of pairs together, as in

for x in 3.blee

Depending on where your lists come from, something of the sort may be
of some use to you (adapted, of course, to make syntax).

> 2. My memory mis-told me that appending the loop variable to a list
> didn't work.

I think it might not if you use = instead of :=, or some such.

> 3. I was hoping for a nicer solution (as in "oh, I forgot to document
> the :[%odd%] modifier").

Heh.  Fair enough.

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