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Re: NetBSD volunteering (WiFi browser, NPF Web UI)

			Hi there,

rather old thread; I didn't see it earlier...

On 03/02/2015 21:39, Andrei M. wrote:
> 1. WiFi browser
> Create an easy to use wifi setup widget for NetBSD: browse and select
> networks in the vicinity by SSID, BSSID, channel, etc.

I have implemented a rough Gtk+ client for wpa_supplicant(8) as part of
the DeforaOS Panel (x11/deforaos-panel). It comes in two flavors:
- a panel applet similar to MacOS X' own interface;
- a wireless browser.

There is one screenshot for the former there:

(I have improved the interface since then but a bug still prevents me
from releasing an updated version...)

@roy: any screenshots available for dhcpcd-ui?


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