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Re: strtok_r strange failure

>> If your program doesn't build with -Wall -Werror you only have
>> yourself to blame...
> It is not my program, and unfortunately many projects do not do that.
> We cannot expect the world to do The Right Thing.

FSVO "expect"[%].  But it certainly is not (y)our fault if they don't.

(I could also argue a little about the exact set of warnings; there are
a few -Wall warnings which I prefer to leave disabled.)

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[%] One definition of "expect" is "consider reasonable or due"; the
    example usage I saw was "the school expects its students to arrive
    on time".  For that value of "expect", I think you can.  But for
    another definition - "consider probable or likely" - which I think
    is probably the one you meant, I agree with you.

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