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Re: Alignment of small memory allocations returned by malloc(3)

On 01/02/14 09:48, Joerg Sonnenberger wrote:
On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 12:10:54PM +0000, Nick Hudson wrote:
Standards and modern tools, e.g. gcc[1] 4.8, expect malloc to return
memory with alignment that is different to our current
jemalloc.Attached is a suggested diff to fix the problem for most
I still don't see the point of the GCC behavior and I don't agree with
the standard interpretation. The referenced DR covers a quite different
problem (pointer casts). It doesn't make sense to justify the larger
alignment if accessing the storage with any such type is UB because it
is an access beyond the end of the allocation. As such, I do strongly
consider this an overeager optimisation.

Surely it makes (the most) sense on any platform that can't write a unit that small without writing to the surrounding bytes anyway. Isn't that the case with the (original) Alpha?

I.e. If a two byte write has to be implemented in terms of an aligned 4 byte read-modify-write, then you wouldn't ever want to allocate a pair of two byte allocations contiguous in the same four bytes anyway - at least not if the code might be multi-threaded. So you may as well both align and assume everything aligned on 4 bytes.

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