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A new, minimal wiki app for Lua and bozohttpd

Hello all,

When I discovered that there was interest in a web interface for NPF [1], I
decided to take a stab at building it. If the goal is to get it to work inside a
base NetBSD installation, then (to me) that means the app must be written in Lua
against bozohttpd.

To make Lua + Bozo development slightly more fun, I thought I might use
something like Kepler [2], but then I decided that solution is a bit
over-engineered. (bozo is *so* simple.) Instead, I wrote a hilariously minimal
Lua/Bozo compatibility layer called Cadet, and around it, an accompanying
wiki-like test application called Molokai.

I just wanted to share with everyone that Molokai and Cadet exist. They're
totally functional (whatever that means) and that I'm thinking about the NPF web
interface, too. For more info: 

Again, these modules are incredibly minimal. They really should be a bit



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