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dhcpcd-5.99.5 final testing for DHCPv6

Hi Everyone

I've finally found the time to finish DHCPv6 support in dhcpcd :D
The only biggie I've not entirely finished is DAD support. In a nutshell, no kernel (either Linux or BSD) will allow userland to send from the unspecified address, which means we HAVE to use the kernel for RFC conformant DAD support which only works when adding tentative addresses. This isn't great and as such we just log DAD failures - this is no better or worse than other implementations. Future work will try and work around this so we can send a DHCP6 DECLINE message when duplicates are found.

A side effect of this is that we run our hook script when addresses may be in the tentative state.
This *may* be fixed before dhcpcd-6.0.0 is finally released.

The only thing I intend to do before release is add a rtadvd(8) hook script for better Prefix Delegation support:

The new code has extensively been tested under valgrind(1) and has been working well for me now for many months.

This is your final time to test it before release. Grab your tarball from here:



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