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Re: Moving pthread_(cond|mutex) to libc

>> If I'm writing a library, and I want the library to be safely usable
>> by both threaded and unthreaded programs, is there anything I can
>> do?  Right now it seems the only fully viable approach is to build
>> two versions and hope I can figure out how to get clients to link
>> the right one, which is pretty sketchy.

> You can [...].  Applications which want the specific functionality in
> the API that requires threads link with -lose.  Applications that
> want the subset of the API that does not require threads link with
> -luse.

How is this not "two versions and hope [] clients [] link the right

Also, it's not necessarily a case of a subset of the API requiring
threads.  I suspect more likely is that the API is not explicitly
thread-aware, but behind-the-scenes locking is required when running

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