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Re: bin/44246: enhance mv to work better with xargs

>> With my xargs, this would be, eg, "ls -1 | xargs -kX mv X newdir".
> And with a standard POSIX xargs it is:
> ls -1 | xargs -I X mv X newdir

Actually, it's more like -J rather than -I, at least based on the 5.1
xargs(1).  5.1 xargs has nothing like my -r, as far as I can see, nor
arguments containing but not equal to the -k argument.  On the other
hand, mine is lacking anything like -R, -E, or -o....

> What are you talking about?

I'm not sure what's unclear here.  I built my own xargs ages and ages
ago - in the mid-'90s, as far as I can recall - and the comment block I
quoted is from my current version of it (which has changed in only
minor ways since then).  That's what I thought I was talking about....

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