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Re: Serial port programming

>I have a LCD character display connected to a uslsa(4) USB-to-serial
>bridge.  It is programmed using escape sequences that are sent at 9600
>bps, no parity, 8 databits, 1 stop bit (9600 8N1).  I am trying to send
>escape sequences using the attached small C program, but it does not
>work.  Is anything worng with that program? (I am at the same looking at
>the kernel driver, btw).
>It does not work neither on NetBSD 5, -current, nor on FreeBSD nor on

The only thing that sticks out at me is that in my programs that use the
serial port I always set CREAD in c_cflag.

If that doesn't work ... well, are you sure you have the serial port cabled
up right?


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