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Re: clean way of setting rlimits for userland fs? (Emmanuel Dreyfus) writes:

> In order to have a userland filesystem mounted at startup time, we just
> need an appropriate /sbin/mount_foofs and an entry in /etc/fstab
> If I do not miss something, we have no way of setting rlimits without
> patching /sbin/mount_foofs, just like we have /etc/rc.conf.d/* for
> /etc/rc.d/* scripts? Anyone has some ideas about how such a
> functionnality should be implemented? The first though I have would be
> /etc/fstab.conf.d/*, does it seems appropriate?

I see where you are coming from, but stepping back the issue is that
there is some system-wide default limit that seems appopriate for some
things, but then you are saying it's not right for this process.  So
either it's wrong to start with, or the notion that all processes should
have similar limits is wrong.  If different processes should have
different limits, then it would be nice to have some general scheme to
set them.

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