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Re: default skel files (Re: PAGER=less)

> > As I wrote my first post, I'm suggesting to remove all aliases
> > in skel/dot.cshrc.  What's the problem?
> > ...
> > See subject.  You are now talking about extreme "all or nothing" method.
> > No sense.
> Fine, go ahead. It's not such a big matter. The point is, what are the
> criteria for inclusion in dot.$foo?

I'm writing "how to create a user account" article as a part
of live image document like afterboot(8).
useradd(8) is the easist tool for it, but current skel files
includes annoying entries for them.

Probably most NetBSD elders have their own traditional
favarite dot files, but new novice users don't.
New users won't need aliases, but need common useful
environment variables etc.

That's all.

> jmmv argues aliases are individual
> preferences. He may just as well be right, but in dot files /everything/ is
> and yet we have /etc/skel. So -- care to discuss what and why goes there?

I'm asking to remove or comment out existing entries,
and you are the only person who wants to leave part of them
per your preference.

If you are a real user of these skel files and now have
another proposal to remove them, please post it in another thread.

Izumi Tsutsui

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