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Lua modules, paths, man pages etc.

I am working on a Lua module which I will commit soon (it's an interface
to gpio, so that gpio(4) can be used from Lua scripts).

Since this will be the first Lua module in our tree, it will set the
standard for further modules, so I think we should briefly think about
what to put where.

We need a place for the source code.

Is src/lib/lua<whatever>/ rasonable?  (Lua modules that are written in C
are shared objects.).  Or should it be src/lua/<whatever>/?  I tend to
prefer the latter.

We need a Makefile fragment.

We need  Ideas about that one?

Installation location.

Lua modules have to be installed in /usr/lib/lua/5.1/ (assuming Lua
5.1).  So that's an easy one.

Man pages.

I think that Lua modules should be documented.  I suggest a new chapter
'l' for man pages that document Lua modules, /usr/share/man/manl/ whould
then be the place.


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