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Re: Unicode programming

>Yeah, they exist within the BMP, mostly within CJK/East Asian; see
> for some info.

Ah, okay ... as I read that, if I can't figure out the width in context I
should treat them as "narrow".  Which I'm willing to do in this case.  As
I read that whole thing, I'd have to know what font I'm using to really
make it work.

>As far as surrogates in UTF-16: yeah, they only exist in UTF-16; they're
>one of the primary differentiations between UTF-16 and UCS-2. One of the
>_other_ bugaboos with UTF-16 is that you need to keep track of the byte
>order and/or insert a BOM to deambiguate what kind of stream you're

I think that's only an issue if I get UTF-16 from somewhere else, right?
As long as UTF-16 is completely internal to my application I could assume
that it's using the host native byte order.

Thanks again for the help!


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