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Re: Import of sqlite3

Marc Balmer <> writes:

> Am 25.08.11 01:49, schrieb Joerg Sonnenberger:
>> I would like to import sqlite3 into our tree. The license is PD. The
>> file format has been quite stable. It's around 760KB for the shared
>> library on AMD64. It would allow replacing many users of bdb with
>> something that can be modified without worrying about file corruption
>> in case of crashes. A direct user would be the apropos(1) GSoC project.
> I support that idea, very much so, even.  But PD is not a license, maybe
> that causes problems on some legislations.  So maybe add a BSD license,
> which I think can be done, since it is PD? (We can still give proper
> credit).

IANAL, TINLA but I listen to podcasts where lawyers talk:

  PD is a concept in American law.  It does not exist, or exist as
  clearly, in other jurisdictions.    If it turns out that in some
  jurisdictions it doesn't exist, then us adding a BSD license doesn't
  make any sense, because we aren't the author, and it doesn't resolve
  the lack of license from the original author.

  If this is a problem, the fix is to ask upstream to change from PD to
  CC0, which is more or less "PD, and if PD doesn't work in this
  jurisdiction, a license for anyone to do anything with no

I would be astonished if our use of sqlite caused trouble.

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