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Re: Making powerd=YES default

> Indeed; unfortunately it's problematic to have something working
> acceptably in postinstall/etcupdate that won't bork up the end-user's
> /etc/rc. conf. As explained in rc.conf(5), end-user may put whatever
> he wants inside, and this can lead to complicated parsing/editing.

Indeed.  I've resorted to real shell code in rc.conf on a few
occasions.  Probably my msot complex rc.conf setup is my mobile
machine's, which uses newbtconf and, for most configs, its rc.conf does
". /etc/etc-common/rc.conf" and then adds a few settings; the common
rc.conf defines a shell function, among other things.  I've also done
things in rc.conf like "for i in `ifconfig -l`; do ... done".

Maybe I'm the only person who does that sort of stuff.  But I'm
inclined to doubt it.

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