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GSoC Project Status Update: Apropos Replacement

Hi NetBSD :)

So, this is the 3rd week since the coding period of GSoC started. I
have posted a 2nd weekly report on the status of the project.

Project Repository:

Till now I have written a patch for man(1) for getting the list of
directories actually containing man page sources.

I have written code for traversing this list of directories, parsing
each of the man pages using libmandoc, and storing them in an Sqlite
database. The code will currently extract only the NAME and
DESCRIPTION section of the man pages and store them across three
columns in the Sqlite table. The columns are "name" for storing the
name of the man page, "name_desc" for storing the one line desc and
"desc" for storing the complete DESCRIPTION section.

There are few issues as well which I have added on Github:

A more detailed information on my blog post:

What's Next: Next I would like to quickly develop the search
interface, so that we are in a state to compare the performance of
apropos(1) and our own implementation. Some community feedback from
there on will surely help us go in the right direction to make this
project successful.


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