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Re: floating-point exception support

2010/7/21 Stathis Kamperis <>:
> Greetings everyone,
> Here[1] is a patch that adds support of fenv.h interface for x86 and
> amd64 architectures. It would be great if you could apply the patch
> set, rebuild, install and run the test suite, with:


I updated the diff[1] after off-list conversations I had with some
people. The changes are limited:
1. Made __test_sse() use the machdep.sse sysctl, to check whether host
supports SSE.
2. Made __test_sse() be a constructor[2] function, rather than calling
it every time over & over again.
3. Added some __RCSIDs (I have no idea what they are about).
4. Added /* $NetBSD$ */ lines in the beginning of .c files (Same as above).
5. Added an #error directive in include/fenv.h for unsupported archs.
6. Infinitesimal fixes in man pages.
7. Put some tabs in function prototypes, instead of space.
8. Made feenableexcept(), fedisableexcept(), fegetexcept() visible if
_GNU_SOURCE is defined (before it was only _NETBSD_SOURCE).

That is pretty much.


[2] This attribute is supported by both gcc and clang/llvm

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