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Re: wide characters and i18n

> Maybe it isn't obvious, but there's quite large part of the world
> that writes non-Latin script and as such uses mostly non-Latin
> characters. ;)

Certainly.  But much of that large part of the world uses
non-alphabetic writing systems and your "wastes half the bandwidth"
does not really apply.

> You can use whatever short file names, it's at your wish... but only
> before you have to communicate with the outer world, and out there it
> is quite usual to have file names longer than 100 and even 200
> characters.

Sure.  But nothing compels you to pick the same names fgor your files
as "the outer world" uses for theirs, not even if the file content is
the same.  It's the same issue the 8.3 DOS world faced a long time ago,
just not quite as severe.

Not that that makes it a non-problem....

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