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Re: FreeBSD i18n fonts for wscons (was: "(unknown)")

> wsemul_vt100 is our primary emulation.  Do we want to optimize our
> primary emulation for the scenario where it is used to display output
> from programs/devices that use ASCII (or NCR) plus DEC technical and
> DEC supplemental graphics charsets or do we want to optimize it for
> people who use charsets other than latin1 and use termcap/curses apps?

It is the primary emulation because it is the most powerful atm,
but that's not set in stone. It is easy to add another one (it has
taken me one or two hours to derive "ucons" from "vt100"), and the
rest is some changes to etc/wscons.conf.
So I'd prefer to leave "vt100" as an emulation which is conservative
in its features, but works if one logs into a legacy/embedded/3rtparty
system from it, no matter which fonts are loaded locally.

For modern uses, there are plenty of names available, just not "vt100".

> and given the unicode semantic of the second argument to mapchar (as
> used for fun and profit by the two DEC charset above) *this is why*
> people have to lie about their national fonts being "ISO".

Well, in an ideal world it shouldn't be necessary to lie...
I think I understood what you mean. My idea is that the encoding
between userland and tty is completely independent of any downloaded
font. The visible result is always similar, to a varying degree of
perfection. Which means that characters are replaced by some replacement
sign if the fonts available to the display can't represent it, or some
less perfect approximation.
In any case, it is the wsdisplay emulation which defines which
glyph is to be displayed in which input.
If the UTF8 mapping in my "ucons" prototype in not enough for you
it would be easy to implement some emulation variant which maps
from KOI8 (or any user defined table) in the 128-255 range.

best regards

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