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I just want to introduce myself.

I'm Matthias-Christian from Jevenstedt in Germany [1]. I currently attend
Herderschule in Rendsburg and will receive my Abitur in mid-June. My major
subjects are mathematics and English.

I'm interested in formal languages, compilers and operating systems, but
have also general interest in philosophy, logics and digital electronics.

I'm a Free Software enthusiast and activist and have been working with Free
Software since 2002/2003. In my free time I develop, fix and promote Free
Software. Therefore, I have worked on several projects, including GNU/Linux
distributions and BSD variants.

During this year's Google Summer of Code I'm going to implement an efficient
regular expression engine that supports wide characters. My mentor is
Alistair Crooks.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact me. You may also want
to have a look at the projects website [2], I'll publish status updates there.



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