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Re: Google SoC Proposal Ideas

On Sat, 21 Mar 2009, wrote:
Another good looking idea is the file resizer utility. Both the utility and the project look interesting. It does call for a regression test suite, but I've never developed anyting more than simple tests for my programs and don't know how involved that would be.

Testing that is simple: resize the filesystem (grow/shrink) by random increments (within the disk boundaries) in a loop, and after each resize run fsck. If there's something wrong in fsck, check what it is.

Then let that run for a few weeks.

See for a similar topic that you can probably use as foundation.

Any ideas or anything I should be looking at or for? Feedback would be appreciated.

I think fs resizing would be of most benefit. But that's only MHO.

 - Hubert

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