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Re: Status of Citrus libiconv?

On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 12:10:56PM +0100, G?bor K?vesd?n wrote:
Could you please tell me if there are any known bugs, important
features, which aren't implemented or any drawbacks like performance
issues in the Citrus implementation you use?

I am not aware of any known bugs. IIRC there is a behavior difference
with GNU libiconv in the case of error handling (libiconv reports the
exact position, Citrus iconv doesn't as mandated by POSIX).

For missing features, proper support for transliteration is the biggest
item I can think of. E.g. if you are converting ISO-8859-15 to US-ASCII,
the EUR code point should be converted to the string representation if
requested. That is the //translit option.

One important point for FreeBSD: Citrus is written on the assumption of
locale-specific wchar_t. That might or might not make for some fun in
the integration process.
Someone pointed me at this thread since citrus could help solve a problem in a future project of mine. The student and I possibly have similar
questions so I thought to take the chance and ask..

"For now, our goal is the same level of functionality as Solaris7 supports."

Has this goal been met or exceeded?

Is this the most recent source?

For my project I'll need to integrate it with our "open"solaris fork so any
possible advise is most welcome. (I need to implement, wcstombs, strcoll, _set_orientation_wide and a few others..)



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