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Re: rpcgen and "hyper"

On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 03:42:19PM -0400, Greg Troxel wrote:
  | I have an rpc file foo.x that uses hyper:
  | struct foo_timestamp_t {
  |     hyper secs;
  |     hyper seqno;
  | };
  | (Yes, hyper really is an XDR type - see
  | if like me you thought it must be a
  | lispm joke in my .x file.)
  | This results in 'hyper' in the foo.h and xdr_hyper in the foo_types.c.
  | xdr_hyper seems defined, but it seems that either rpc/xdr.h needs to
  | define hyper, or the .h file should be in terms of int64_t.
  | It seems that rpcgen should grok TOK_HYPER, recognize this and emit
  | int64_t for it.  Or perhaps hyper should be in rpc/xdr.h as a typedef.
  | Has anyone else had troubles with RPC and hyper, or have any comments?

It appears that <rpc/xdr.h> has methods to manipulate hypers,
and already knows about "longlong_t" (since 1999/12/01).
Maybe the lack of hyper support in rpcgen was an oversight?

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