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Re: groff/-mandoc replacement

> While 4.4BSD's roff would likely be covered by Caldera's 4-clause
> BSD-like license, it is ancient and that shows. A much better option is
> to the ditroff from OpenSolaris, even though it is CDDL. The version in
> heirloom also supports some of the groff extensions.
> Joerg
I was thinking about heirloom's *roff, too. But, as I mentioned, it contains
many pieces each covered by a different license (BSD, GPL, CALDERA, LUCENT,
CDDL, MPL, LPPL). If that's not an issue, I'd love to see it replace groff.
As far as 4.4BSD's *roff is concerned, well, I didn't actually expect it to
support PostScript, so I wasn't disappointed when I saw it doesn't.

Best regards.

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