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Re: Input line editing

In message <200902120352.WAA07444%Sparkle.Rodents-Montreal.ORG@localhost>, der 
Mouse writ
>Share a history at run time, as in you type a command in one and it is
>available next keystroke in another?  Or share a history as in the
>~/.history style?  I assume the former.  (I've occasionally wanted it
>too, but it's looked too intimidating to implement.  Something like
>this actually seems to me like the right way to do it.)

In at least some of my shells, on some systems, once a command's been
successfully issued, it becomes part of "the history" which is shared by other

>API/ABI-compatible implentations of those libraries' interfaces that,
>instead of doing input line editing, are just glue code to the common
>line editor.  That's what I had in mind for that.  Do you see any
>reason it wouldn't be workable?

No, come to think of it.

>I'm starting to feel fired up.  I should probably go off and have a
>stab at a first cut at this, find out just how much real trouble I'm
>handwaving away and how much my feeling that there isn't any real
>problem being ignored is accurate.

I think it depends a lot on what the API actually does.


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