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Re: Adding a simple editor to the base system

>>> I'd like to propose we add a simple text editor to the base system.
>> Perhaps this should also include at least a sentence or two
>> explaining why ed is considered disqualified?
> ?

Because when I saw that, my reaction was "um, but we've got one - ed".
After seeing the responses to my query, I understand why the
dissonance; "simple" there was not intended to mean what I'm accustomed
to taking it to mean in such contexts, but a closely related thing in a
slightly different context: rather than meaning that the editor is
simple per se, it means that the editor is simple for a particular
class of user to become minimally functional with.  (Right, abs?)

But it was clear from the start that there was some kind of dissonance
lurking.  I can't believe anyone proposing to add ee to base (and
*definitely* not abs!) would be unaware ed was already there, so ed had
to be non-simple in the intended sense, making an explanation (even if
only by implication) what the intended sense is a useful addition to
the proposal.  Discussing a proposal when different people take it to
mean different things is practically a guarantee of talking past one
another and consequent misunderstandings.

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