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Re: Adding a simple editor to the base system

Antti Kantee wrote:

> On Tue Feb 10 2009 at 20:42:33 +0000, David Brownlee wrote:
> >     This was originally brought up on netbsd-desktop, now
> >     redirected here as a more relevant forum.
> > 
> >     I'd like to propose we add a simple text editor to the base
> >     system. The obvious candidate is 'ee' from FreeBSD (who
> >     have been including it since 1995).
> Sounds good.
> >     I think we should be including ee, and updating our
> >     documentation to mention it as the suggested editor for
> >     new users. I use vi as my editor of choice, but it is
> >     unreasonable to expect a new user to sit down and learn vi
> >     before they can even edit their rc.conf to enable ssh.
> I'd also suggest making it the default EDITOR/VISUAL.  If you're an
> experienced user, you know how to make vi your default again.
> Thanks for your effort.

Please stop thinking that inexperienced users are total idiots. :-)

When in doubt, use brute force.

Adam Hoka <>
Adam Hoka <>
Adam Hoka <>

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