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tar issue on netbsd-5

Not sure if this is mac68k related or not, but I don't have a tape drive on any other systems at the moment.

boobookitty: {10} tar -c mail
tar: File is too long for ustar mail/rick

The "rick" file is 17 gigabytes (17219386794). Is this file too big for tar? I thought that tar was replaced by pax so that we didn't have size limitations. diff `which tar` `which pax` says they're they same.

This is netbsd-5 from two or three days ago on a Quadra 605 with a DDS3 tape drive. I was assuming the file would fit because email is usually VERY compressable, and the tape's native capacity is 12 gigabytes.

Anyone else have a tape drive connected to their machines?


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