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Re: Creating a branch for ATF pre-release code

What you propose doesn't seem wrong, but it's effort that I am not sure
is necessary.

It seems like you are jumping through hoops to synchronize testing on
multiple platforms.  What if you go ahead and publish a release and say
that it's tested/verified only on NetBSD, and that testing on other
platforms is appreciated or in progress, and then release 0.6.1 when
other platforms are confirmed.

The flaw in your logic seems to be that if you declare something a
release then the rest of the world will import it to their repos, use
it, etc. without thinking, so that therefore you can't.  What you're
doing with prerelease branches seems a bit like working around that from
the other end.

Alternatively, find a way to build and install ATF from the ATF repo on
a netbsd system and use that instead, perhaps with MKATF=no and doing it
on the side.  I use this technique with upstream packages that are in
pkgsrc, doing a build --prefix=/usr/pkg and overwriting the package.
Not 100% clean, but easy for testing and very little work.

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