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Re: swscanf() causing Memory Fault

Hubert Feyrer wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Nov 2008, James K. Lowden wrote:
> >> +  (void)memset(WCIO_GET(&f), 0, sizeof(struct wchar_io_data));
> >
> > Why cast a discarded return code to void?  That seems overly fussy to
> > me.
> We've been doing this since ~forever: 

The tradition of discarding return codes is, I'm sure even older.  ;-)  

> It's to tell lint(1) that we're 
> aware of the fact that menset() returns something, and that we ignore it
> on purpose.

Is it considered a feature of NetBSD's source code or a defect in lint(1)?
 I dislike cluttering source that's perfectly clear (and safe) to the
human eye just to satisfy a tool.  It's not NetBSD's fault that memset(3)
returns a useless pointer.  (I can almost imagine passing memset's return
to, say, strcpy(3) back in the days when it returned a char*.  Now that it
needs a cast, I think it's more likely to be discarded.)O

ISTM lint should have an ignore-discarded-return-codes option.  Maybe
could be constricted to functions like memset that can't return an error. 
Other solutions obviously include a macro or just use bzero instead.  

Thanks for the answer anyway, Hubert.  It looked both odd and deliberate,
and I appreciate knowing why.  


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