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Re: UTF8 (Was: [PATCH] replace 0xA0 to whitespace in plain text files (part 2))

12 sep 2008 kl. 16.23 skrev der Mouse:

...which brings up the question if NetBSD shouldn't go UTF8 anyway?

Depends.  Go to UTF-8 for what?

One of the biggest problems is that there are a whole lot of places
where NetBSD - and Unix more generally - has traditionally not used
character streams, instead using byte streams - characters are
converted to octets very early on input and converted back very late on
output; very nearly everything works with octet streams, not character

Staying latin1 or ascii is not an option IMO, so the answer is then go UTF-8 for everything, not at once, but where its needed.

I'll start with Kerberos, what do you start with ?


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