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Re: Foomatic-ability for LPR

  [foomatic wants "-j <string>" or "-Z <string>"]

I don't follow 100% what you meant about OpenBSD's lpr, but if the only
use of -Z as an argument to a filter is by LPRng and is used in the
foomatic way, then that indeed sounds like the way to go.

I agree that environment variables are messy.

Are you proposing to add a new option to printcap to specify the value
of -Z, so that lpd adds -Z foo to the output filter if the printcap
entry has oz=foo?  Does this encode the ppd file?  Or do you mean
something else?

foomatic claims to autodetect the spooling system.  Is possibly tricking
it into thinking BSD lpr is LPRng safe?

In general making it easier to use foomatic filters without having to
install cups seems like a good thing.

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