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Re: swap-on-raidframe vs raidctl -P

>> How is [swapoff in rc.conf] relevant, though?  This is happening at
>> startup, not shutdown.
> ([...]  If swap does not get unconfigured correctly, then that 'last
> open partition' never gets closed, and the final updating of the
> component labels doesn't happen.  That is what results in the RAID
> set being marked 'DIRTY', and requiring the rewrite/check, even
> theough the RAID set is very likely to be completely clean.)

This sounds as though it was probably provoked by my using halt rather
than shutdown to shut the machine down.  That seems...wrong; surely the
kernel should swapoff all swap areas as part of shutting down?  Or is
that just not done yet?  (This sounds like what christos said he was
working on....)

And, actually, this means moving raidframeparity in the startup order
wouldn't actually change anything, since that guess was based on my
(incorrect) idea that it was showing dirty because it was in live use,
already being swapped on.

Or do I still misunderstand?

(Maybe you can tell, there's lots about raidframe I don't really
understand yet....)

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